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Review: THE MUMMY REBIRTH (2019)

As if The Mummy Reborn wasn’t enough, what should appear in my inbox but a screener for The Mummy Rebirth. This time it’s Justin Price and Khu, the team who have given us The Dawnseeker, Elves and several others, that are playing midwife to ancient Egyptians.

After some very unconvincing footage that’s supposed to be the Egyptian desert, we meet Sebek (Shamel Hashish) and Reheema (Taylor Carter). They’ve been lovers through countless reincarnations, but this time there’s a problem. Armed men in Halloween costume armour kill them both. Something that, according to Reheema will, “Break the cycle”. This apparently isn’t a good thing.

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Holy Exposition Batman, we next get a long, badly animated segment where a bored-sounding voice explains the film’s backstory. This drones on for what seems like eons until we’re suddenly in the middle of a modern-day gunfight. Noe (Carter, Live Evil) and Daniella (Brittany Goodwin, Sawblade) are archaeologists of the Indiana Jones variety. That is to say, their work involves guns more than shovels.

It seems they’ve found the map to the lost city the voice was going on about, and everyone else wants it. However, in this incarnation, Sebek is out to destroy the world. And our duo’s current employer Sager (David E. Cazares) and his goons will stop at nothing to see that he can complete his ritual.

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Set in Egypt but filmed in what looks like Georgia with the Sphinx badly added in, The Mummy Rebirth is a mess. The tomb is a cavern with some cobwebs, (bought at the same Halloween store as the armour), draped around. A character we see have a sword shoved down his throat is referred to later as having been buried alive. You get the idea.

However, unlike The Mummy Reborn it isn’t boring. There are gunfights, monsters, horrible CGI monsters, but monsters nonetheless. And Brittany Goodwin looks damn good in her Lara Croft hand-me-downs.

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The Mummy Rebirth isn’t a good movie. Given the filmmaker’s track record I really wasn’t expecting it to be. But it’s probably their least bad one so far.

The Mummy Rebirth will be available on DVD and Digital on August 13, 2019.

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