Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein Adaption DEPRAVED Comes to Fantasia!

We reviewed Larry Fessenden’s Depraved when it made its world premiere at What The Fest?! earlier this year. Now it’s playing two nights at Fantasia.

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Larry Fessenden returns with a modern twist on the Frankenstein myth, featuring a fanatical doctor as he reconstructs an unsuspecting man out of spare body parts.

The legend of Frankenstein gets a provocative modern update in the stylishly disturbing new film from indie horror master Larry Fessenden. Suffering from PTSD following his stint as an army medic, Henry (David Call) now works feverishly in his Brooklyn laboratory to forget the death he witnessed overseas by creating life in the form of a man cobbled together from body parts. After procuring a brain from an unwitting victim, his creation—Adam (Alex Breaux)—is born. But it soon seems that giving life to Adam was the easy part; teaching him how to live in a dark and troubled world may be perilous. A complex, emotionally shattering tale about what it means to be human, Depraved brings Mary Shelley’s immortal fable fully into the 21st century.

DEPRAVED is written, directed, edited and produced by Larry Fessenden. The film stars Alex Breaux (Bushwick), David Call (The Sinner) and Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project), with supporting performances by Ana Kayne (Another Earth), Addison Timlin (The Town That Dreaded Sundown), and Chloë Levine (The Transfiguration, The Ranger). Jenn Wexler and Chadd Harbold produced with Glass Eye Pix, while Joe Swanberg, Edwin Linker, and Peter Gilbert served as executive producers for Forager Film Company, and Andrew Mer as co-executive producer.


Sunday, July 28th, 9:25PM at Cinéma du Musée1379 A Rue Sherbrooke O. 
Monday, July 29th, 3PM at Salle J.A. De Seve1400 de Maisonneuve O


Genre: Horror

Country: USA

Length: 114 min

Language: English

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