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Review: BOO (2019)

Boo, for obvious reasons, is a fairly common title for genre films. There’s already been one Boo released this year. There’s the haunted hospital one from 2005, a couple of Madea films and an “in development” Seth Rogen project to name a few. Now we can add a 15 minute short from writer/director/actress Rakefet Abergel to the list.

The plot is deceptively simple. Devi (Rakefet Abergel, Jax In Love) has just gotten her award for seven years of sobriety. Telling her friends she’ll be fine, she waits alone for Jared (Josh Kelly, Midnight Texas) to come and pick her up. By the time he arrives, she bloody and hysterical. In flashbacks, we find out what happened. And that alcohol may not be the worst demon some people wrestle with.

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Frustrated with the lack of good parts coming her way, Abergel wrote and starred in the award-winning short Jax In Love. When it came time to make Boo, she decided to add director to her resume, and it’s a good debut. She keeps things moving at a nice pace and gets good performances from the cast. Michael Villar (Psychopaths, Skin) is especially good as a nasty drunk. Abergel herself is great, having to play both the normal Devi and the version of herself her boyfriend finds. Given the film is flashback driven, the contrast between the two is constantly on display.

You’ll probably see the ending coming by the halfway mark in Boo, but that doesn’t ruin it. Instead, it builds anticipation to what you know is coming. And when it happens it’s with a nice jump, some practical effects and a morbid sense of humor.

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Boo is on the festival circuit and has already picked up several awards. Some of the upcoming screenings include appearances at Dragon Con Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and Show Low Film Festival. You can get a full list on the film’s website.

Boo is an amusing look at a serious subject, and prove you don’t have to be dull to make a point. It’s worth seeing if it plays near you.

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