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Review: AZRAEL (2018)

We’ve previously reviewed David Axe’s film Shed and The Theta Girl which he wrote but didn’t direct, (Christopher Bickel did). It seems in between those two films David wrote and directed Azrael, a sequel to The Theta Girl. And now he’s letting us have a look at it.

Azrael picks up in the aftermath of the first film. Ros Shogun (Caley Fleming), is the granddaughter of Theta’s creators and the last in the family line. She’s determined to recover the formula and cook up a new batch.

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In her way stand Morris (Aaron Blomberg), the brother street preacher Bobby from the first film who’s out to avenge him. Newly promoted Detective Kearsey, now played by Scott Means. And Millis (Catherine Hunsinger), an artist crime scene clean up woman who takes samples of blood to add to her painting of murder victims. Did I mention that furries are involved as well?

As much a bizarre crime film as it is a horror film, Azrael is quite a different beast from its predecessor. Most of the talk about expanding one’s consciousness is gone, expanding their wallet is more to the style of the characters. There’s still plenty of violence, highlighted by a massacre in an art gallery. However, unlike the first film, here it’s driven by greed, not the effects of Theta.

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Lisa Ashworth deserves much credit for depicting that violence with old-fashioned splattery effects. And on an almost non-existent budget, (the film cost $25,000 in total). The other effects in Azrael, those depicting the effects of the drug, are also handled with creativity rather than money. Creative lighting and camera angles can go a long way when used right.

With its incredibly quirky characters and plot line, Azrael is very much DIY film making done right. It doesn’t try to be a low budget version of some studio filmed hit. It charts its own course with inspired results. The ending infers that there are still stories to be told in the Theta Universe. Hopefully, they’ll get told in due time.

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For those that can enjoy micro-budgeted movies, Azrael is worth keeping an eye out for. You can keep updated on showings and release dates via its Facebook page.

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