Dakota Ray Chronicles “The Dark Days Of Demetrius”

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We’ve reviewed American Antichrist and Rise And Fall Of An American Scumbag. Now we have the poster and trailer for Dakota Ray’s latest film, The Dark Days Of Demetrius.

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The Dark Days of Demetrius is the sixth film from Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Ray. It’s a disturbing, lo-fi horror film revolving around the exploits of Demetrius (Dakota Ray), an elusive, narcissistic, serial killer who has gained stardom from live streaming the murders of his victims online, with the press dubbing him as ”The Live Stream Killer”. Conflict arises when Demetrius crosses paths with corrupt news reporter Clive (Fred Epstein), which results in a decent into evil, violence, death. narcissism, and corruption. 

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Written & Directed By: Dakota Ray

Music By: Emperor Ov Larvae

Cast: Dakota Ray as Demetrius, Fred Epstein as Clive, Lilith Frost as Bunny and S. Donatello as Baphomet  

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The Dark Days of Demetrius will be released next month. You can keep updated on the film’s Facebook page,

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