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I recently reviewed Deadly Playthings from Mark Polonia. It’s an effective entry into the low/no budget killer doll genre. I was hoping it was the start of a shift back to more serious films from him. No such luck as has now delivered Frozen Sasquatch, which screams “self-parody” almost from the start.

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Frozen Sasquatch has Himalayan settings that look like North American forests with digital snowflakes added. But no snow on the ground of course. Obvious stock footage of an avalanche. A top-secret research lab that looks like a Middle School. You get the idea.

The plot? A research lab in the Himalayas is destroyed, apparently by a Yeti. Dr. Nobb (Steve Diasparra. Queen Crab, The Dark Sleep) sends a team consisting of Jensen (Noyes J. Lawton, War Raiders), Lance (Titus Himmelberger, Sharkenstein) and Lance’s ex Shelia (Natalie Hallead, Alien Surveillance) to find out what happened. They find a survivor Megan (Jamie Morgan, It Kills), evidence of bizarre experiments. And a pissed off Yeti.

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My first question has to be, “Why even set it in the Himalayas?”. The film is called Frozen Sasquatch, so just set it in North America and be done with it. At least then it’ll look like where it’s set. But then again there’s nothing else in this film that even approaches logical so why should that be any different?

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Despite being sent to deal with a creature that’s wiped out an entire base, the team is sent in unarmed. With no backpacks or supplies, just what looks like a WalMart tent. Given what Mark Polonia has done in the past, Frozen Sasquatch has to be self-parody. He knows how to make a film like this that’s at least somewhat believable. But here just keeps piling on the outrageousness.

If that’s your thing, then you’ll love Frozen Sasquatch. But while I can enjoy a micro-budget film, this kind of approach doesn’t work at all for me.

Frozen Sasquatch is available on streaming platforms via Cinema Epoch.

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