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A filmmaker decides the best way to create a realistic horror film is to feature real deaths. I can track that idea back at least to 1979’s Effects. And I’m sure if I give it some more thought, I come up with a few earlier ones. Since then though we’ve had everything from Pieces Of Talent to Lights!Camera!Dead! Not to mention a few found footage type films such as My Little Eye as well. Now we have writer/director G. Patrick Condon’s debut feature, Incredible Violence. Is it worth revisiting the genre for?

Incredible Violence signals its meta intent right from the start. G. Patrick Condon (Stephen Oates, New Woman) has blown the money he borrowed to make his debut film. We’re not sure just who he borrowed it from, but they don’t seem like nice people. Desperate to save his film and his life he hatches a plan.


Recruiting a small cast including Grace (M.J. Kehler, Red Hollow), Sophia (Meghan Hancock), and Foster (Michael Worthman). Locks them in a house full of security cameras and directs them via faxes from the attic. Then as isolation and suspicion begin to get to them, he puts on his mask and begins killing them one by one. But, like most horror films, there’s a twist in the last act. One even he can’t guess.

Incredible Violence is shot through with bizarre touches such as a character trying to escape through the woods and stumbling across a Hollywood style film crew. Or a TV reality show called Celebrity Autopsy. I also get the feeling that Condon isn’t a fan of method actors.


Sadly, Incredible Violence isn’t odd/funny enough to work as a comedy or frightening enough to work as horror. There are scenes of both that work, several of the killings are well shot and disturbing. And there are some funny moments, such as a soon-to-be victim telling the killer his knife looks fake. Or the killer ripping his victim’s shirt open and shaking her breasts at the camera to get some boobs in his film.

It’s not a boring film, Incredible Violence does hold your attention. But it never satisfies in either of the genres it straddles, either. Hopefully, for his next film, Condon can find a better balance between his story’s elements.


Incredible Violence is available on streaming platforms. You can check its Facebook page for details.

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