The Director Of Shed And Azrael Is Running For Lection

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I’m a big fan of David Axe’s three previous films, The Theta Girl, (which he wrote), its sequel Azrael and Shed both of which he wrote and directed. So when he asked if I’d pass on a message about the Indigogo campaign for his new film Lection I was happy to do so.

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I’m David Axe. I wrote and am directing and producing LECTION. I’m the award-winning writer and producer of the feature film THE THETA GIRL (2017) and the writer-director of the features AZRAEL: THE THETA GIRL 2 (2019) and SHED (2019). I’m a former war correspondent and, by day, a journalist and comic-book writer.

We’re almost done shooting LECTION in Columbia, South Carolina. We’re raising a little money to help us finish, market and distribute the film. Check out our sneak peek and consider tossing us a few bucks. Rewards include screen credit, Blu-rays and opportunities to meet cast and crew.

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LECTION is a high-concept political thriller set after an unspecified apocalypse. Imagine a mayoral election in a Mad Max-style universe. Local politics in the post-apocalypse.

Each act is based on a stage of the American electoral process. Act one is the primary. Literally a foot race. Act two is the general election campaign. In the world of the movie, that means organizing a mob. Act three is election night. A cage match.

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LECTION boils politics down to its most raw essence. It’s about power, organization and regime-change. It’s about hunger, anger and willpower. It’s about the extremes people will go to in order to change the world for what they think is the better. Oh — and there’s almost no talking. In the unforgiving world of LECTION, even language has broken down.

LECTION is a roughly PG-13-rated political thriller that we’re timing to hit the festival circuit in the spring of 2020. The idea is for LECTION to capture the public imagination just as interest in the U.S. presidential election is escalating. But as a timeless political allegory, LECTION will endure for years to come.


Sneak peek:

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