Omar Epps & Kate Walsh Are Mankind’s Last Hope In 3022

3022 Final

Omar Epps is currently onn the big screen in Trick. And we’ve just gotten word that he’s about to try to save humanity in Saban Films forthcoming film 3022. Here’s what we know so far.

3022 B

TITLE: 3022

DIRECTOR: John Suits

WRITER: Ryan Binaco

CAST: Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, Enver Gjokaj, Haaz Sleiman with Angus MacFayden and Jorja Fox

SYNOPSIS: A group of astronauts living in the haunting emptiness of deep space awake to find earth has suffered an extinction-level event.

RUN TIME: 91 minutes


IN THEATERS: November 22, 2019

ON DEMAND AND DIGITAL: November 22, 2019

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