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Review: SHE NEVER DIED (2019) – BITS 2019

Back in 2015 writer/director, Jason Krawczyk gave us He Never Died. Featuring Henry Rollins as an immortal cannibal with a biblical lineage. It was successful enough to spark talk of a sequel and possibly a TV show, none of which actually happened. Now we have She Never Died, written by Krawczyk and directed by Audrey Cummings (Darken, Tormented).

Lacey (Olunike Adeliyi, Workin’ Moms, American Gods) like many people is living on the streets, unlike many people, however, she’s targeting a human trafficking ring for vigilante justice. And eating the members of it she kills. Detective Godfrey (Peter MacNeill, History Of Violence, The Exorcism of Molly Hartley) is after the same gang and notices her activities. And her methods of getting the job done. Frustrated by his lack of success within the system, he offers her a deal.

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He gives her a place to stay and information on Terrance (Noah Danby) and Meredith (Michelle Nolden, A Christmas Horror Story) the brother/sister team running the operation. Things get a bit complicated when Lacey saves Suzzie (Kiana Madeira) from their clutches, and she appoints herself as their assistant. And just who is The Man in The Hat (Lawrence Gowan, Another Wolfcop)? Or the guy who looks like a human version of Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit?

She Never Died, is an odd beast. It’s not a true sequel, obviously. But neither is it a gender-swapped reboot, as others have claimed. There certainly are similarities between the films and their main character, but far from enough that I’d call it a reboot. It’s obviously set in the same reality as the first film. The revelation of Lacey’s real identity though seems a throwaway. It confirms the connection to Rollins’ character, but none of her actions reflect anything attributed to who she’s supposed to be. Perhaps a later film will explain that.

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And make no doubt, the ending of She Never Died sets up for one, possibly a franchise. It could be interesting to see where this is going. Especially given the odd ending.

Putting speculation aside and getting back to the film at hand. She Never Died is an enjoyably bloody romp with some nice fight scenes and practical effects. It does suffer from a problem common to this kind of film though. As much fun as it is seeing human traffickers ripped apart, it cuts the suspense way back when a bullet to the head doesn’t stop your lead character.

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She Never Died will play at the Blood In The Snow film festival on November 22nd. You can check for other screenings on the film’s Facebook page.

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