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Review: RUN, WOLF, RUN (2019)

There used to be a flourishing film industry here in Saskatchewan. Movies and TV shows shot in the province brought in $42 million in 2007, by 2017 that had been cut in half due to the elimination of tax credits in 2012.

There’s still the occasional local feature like Instruments Of Evil or Supergrid, but they’re few and far between. So when writer/director Carli Robertson approached me about reviewing Run, Wolf, Run which was filmed in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, I was interested.

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Amelia (Adreanna Boucher) has suffered a personal tragedy and is not coping well. The young teacher is called to the principal’s office and told her substance abuse issues have been noted spilling onto school grounds, and she is being suspended. She’s having issues with blackouts and being unable to remember just what is happening.

As Run, Wolf, Run unfolds in a mix of current happening and flashbacks, we get filled in on just what has happened. Leaving the question of how it will all resolve.

Run, Wolf, Run is an interesting film. Billed as a drama and a thriller, it feels more like a mystery most of the time as we sit and watch things unfold. Trying to put the pieces together can be a challenge as things slip back and forth.

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I don’t want to give to much away, but it was about the hour mark that a scene between Jason (Thomas Smith) and Roger (Thomas Hugo) made it click for me. You also need to pay attention to the background activities in many scenes. This isn’t a film you can casually watch.

This is a very low budget film with limited cast and locations, and Robertson makes the most of them. Some folk will find the film a bit too bare-bones for their taste. But if you can deal with microbudget films, you should enjoy Run, Wolf, Run.

Run, Wolf, Run will make its premiere at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon on December 7th. You can check the film’s Facebook page for other screenings.

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