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Everybody has heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but it’s not the only such area in the world. I even lived in one, Massachusetts’ so-called “Bridgewater Triangle”. Now, Barry Levy introduces us to The Shasta Triangle, based on alleged strange events happening around Mt. Shasta.

Paula (Dani Lennon, The Love Witch, To Your Last Death) returns to her home town after being gone for years. Her mother died suspiciously when she was a child. Her father vanished several years later. Both were deeply into assorted fringe sciences, and she has been researching their works, deciphering her father’s notebook looking for answers.

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The only person she’s told is her adoptive sister Sam (Ayanna Berkshire, Sometimes I Think About Dying, New Life) who’s also the town’s sheriff. But either she’s lousy at keeping a secret or mass coincidence is one of the strange happenings. Several of Paula’s old friends just happen to stop by as the two talk. So what was supposed to be a two-person trip into the woods becomes a group outing. But once they reach their destination, it soon becomes clear they’re not going to be allowed to leave.

The Shasta Triangle has some interesting ideas, but it takes forever to get to them. The first half of the movie is basically these alleged friends arguing over past incidents. Who was the biggest slut in high school? Who dated uncool guys? Which one of them had an abortion senior year? You wonder why they care Paula is back or want to be around each other. I certainly didn’t want to be around them.

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Once things start happening, it looked like The Shasta Triangle might get interesting. The idea of it being a portal between parallel worlds is hardly new. And the generic poster that rips off so many films from Fire In The Sky to Catskill Park isn’t either. But some of the ideas the film pops up with are ones I haven’t seen before. But they’re ignored almost as some as they’re brought up.

Instead, we get multiple instances of them running into malevolent black leather-clad versions of themselves. Who they are and why they want to kill them is never explained. Nor is why they look like they stepped out of a cheap knock off of The Warriors.

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The Shasta Triangle ends with the idea that things are about to intensify, both in our world and at least one of the others. But there’s still no explanation given as to what’s going on. Why are these worlds in conflict? Why do all of them except ours seem to know what’s going on?

The answers seem to have been held back for a sequel. All The Shasta Triangle gives us is a group of bickering women and the occasional pretty visual effect.

The Shasta Triangle is available to stream via Giant Pictures. You can find more details on the production company’s Facebook page.

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