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Review: CHAOS A.D. (2016)

A collaboration between two legendary purveyors of fine filth, Gatorblade Films, and The Sleaze Box, Chaos A.D. has been on my to-see list for a while now. So when I was offered a chance to review it, of course, I said yes. Now, after a few issues with Vimeo, I’ve managed to see it. How well does it live up to its reputation?

Chaos A.D. lets you know what to expect right from the start. A pistol is run over a naked woman’s body, shoved into an orifice, and the trigger pulled. Immediately after the credits, a woman kills her abusive husband. This film doesn’t mess around.


The film’s plot involves several people including Janet Loomis (Ashley Lynn Caputo, The Hart-Break Killer) who we already saw kill her husband. Brother and sister Sarah (Lisa Marie Kart, Death-Scort Service) and Vinnie Russo (Eric Danger Dionne, WrestleMassacre, The Litch) and corrupt politician Jack Foley (David A. Jackson, Halloween Kills, $kumbagz).

They’re captured on Halloween Eve by the members of F.R.EA.K. In case you’re wondering, that stands for Fucking Reckless Extreme Asshole Killers. This consists of Bytch (Cayt Feinics, Clownado, Lycanimator), her lover Vixen (Amanda Welch, Millennials: The Musical), and rapey Uncle Lester (Bob Glazier, I Dared You! Truth or Dare Part 5, Cannibal Claus). There’s also Lilith (Paula Tsurara, Taste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3) and Misery (Saharra Huxly). The captives are tortured until jealousy between Bytch and Vixen gives them a chance to escape. But can they become brutal and vicious enough to make it to freedom?

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If you’re expecting a Hostel type torture film, think again. Chaos A.D. resides somewhere much higher on the brutality/depravity scale than those mainstream efforts. The first half-hour or so is a pretty solid build-up for what’s to come. Writer/director Chris Woods is smart enough to let us get to know the characters so we’ll care about them later.

Once the shit hits the fan though, Chaos A.D. turns into an hour of fairly nonstop nastiness and humiliation. Rape, murder, Bob Glazier naked, castration and more. This isn’t sanitized nastiness like a Rob Zombie film. This is the film Rob Zombie keeps claiming he’s going to make. And that should give you an idea if you’re going to like this film.

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Is your tolerance for gore and violence high? Are you hard to offend? If so, then Chaos A.D. may be for you. Most extreme films don’t work for me, but here there’s enough character development that I cared about at least some of the victims.

The fact that the cast is full of veterans of this kind of film who are having fun also helps. Apart from those I’ve mentioned, Joel D. Wynkoop (Dreaming Purple Neon, Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness) and Krystal Pixie Adams (Morbid Stories, Franklin: A Symphony of Pain) turn up as well.

If you’re up for a dose of extreme horror Chaos A.D. would be a good choice. It’s available on Vimeo and on DVD via The Sleaze Box website. And if you’re curious, the film’s Facebook page is still up, though it hasn’t been updated in years.

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