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Review: SLICE AND DICE (2019)

We reviewed writer/director Thomas Haley’s short The Crossing around this time last year. Now he’s back with Slice & Dice. It’s another short, this one a lighthearted look at horror games and movies.

Brenda (Brooklyn Haley, The Crossing, Camp Twilight) and her friend Andi (Meghan Deanna Smith) are playing Slice & Dice, a horror-themed card game that appears to be along the lines of Magic: The Gathering. She draws a “Nurse” card. The film shows us how it plays out.

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She’s sent to take vitals on Ms. Beal (Maria Olsen, Ghost In The Graveyard, No Knock List) but instead finds herself stalked through the corridors by Dr. Monster (Noel Jason Scott, Blade: The Iron Cross, Prey In Cold Blood). Can she survive?

If you’ve seen films like X-Ray, the original Halloween 2 or the second Cold Prey film, you know what to expect here. The film exploits its card game theme for a nice plot resolution that stays in character, too.

Running just under nine minutes, Slice & Dice is a showcase for Brooklyn Haley’s scream queen chops. She gets to run, fight back and, of course, scream. And she does a good job of it. There isn’t much in the way of serious acting required here, it’s just a bit of fun. And, as the soundtrack repeatedly informs us, girls just want to have fun.

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The rest of the film’s roles are basically glorified extras, but they are well cast with familiar faces. Watch for Jessica Cameron (The Tombs, Red Eye) as the doctor who gives her her assignment and Elissa Dowling (Automation, Rootwood) and Charles Chudabala (Ugly Sweater Party, That Night) as nurses.

After seeing two of his shorts, I’m curious about Thomas Haley’s upcoming feature Desert Moon. And in seeing Brooklyn in Unholy Attraction. Can they transition to feature-length? And how will she do in a film not made by her father?

Slice & Dice recently made its debut at the Culver City Film Festival, where it won for Best Horror Short. You can check for more screenings on the film’s Facebook page.

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