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Review: THE VAMPIRE OF SOHO (2018) Horror-On-Sea 2020

Andy Edwards (Cinderella’s Revenge, The Ghosts of Monday) already has a number of shorts to his credit. He’s back with The Vampire Of Soho, a prequel/proof of concept for a feature, The Vampires Of Soho. This time he’s traded sunny Spain for a dark England. And zombies for musical vampires.

It’s London in the early 80s. Mel (Amelia Bennett, The Convent) is on the wrong side of her girlfriend Roxy (Nic Lamont). It seems she’s been a little less than faithful, and what’s worse, it’s with a man. But Billy (Sam Francis Harman) isn’t just any man. He’s the singer for a goth band. And he’s a vampire.

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At first, The Vampire Of Soho seems to be a domestic drama as the two women argue. When Mel takes off the dark glasses she’s wearing indoors, and we get a look at her, it’s obvious something’s not right, although the first thought would be a bad heroin habit.

Then as we get flashbacks and are filled in the true nature of her condition and Billy’s true nature is revealed. He’s apparently some form of vampire, although he casts a reflection in the mirror. And although he’s supposed to be goth, he reminded me more of Billy Idol than Carl McCoy or Andrew Eldritch. The music used during his performance is quite good.

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I’m not sure what the plot of the feature version of this is intended to be. The short leaves several possible directions for it to go in. As a stand-alone piece, The Vampire Of Soho is interesting, if a little anticlimactic. But I suppose that’s the point, get folk to see the feature to find out what happens. At least we know it has to be better than Sunset Society and The 27 Club.

The Vampire Of Soho is on the festival circuit. You can check its website and Facebook page for screenings.

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