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Review: THIS MOURNING (2019) Horror-On-Sea 2020

Morning TV shows. They seem to have infested the airwaves of every country in the world with their mix of news, celebrity gossip, and fawning interviews. But have you ever stopped to imagine if death is an escape from them? Or do they exist on the other side as well? Molly Brown has the answer, stay tuned for the details on This Mourning.

A fifteen-minute animated short, This Mourning manages to spoof the worst of these shows. The local animal shelter is there trying to find a home for a Devil Dog. The news from Hollywood concerns a recently deceased star trying to scare the new owners of her home away. There’s even a medium who claims they can talk to the living, and an ad for air “fresheners” to keep the living out of your hair.

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The animation is of the computer variety and a bit limited. A lot of effort still went into it and it does get the job done. The voice talent in This Mourning includes Michael Fausti (Exit, The Ingress Tapes), Ben Manning (Enter The Cage, Hangman), and Pablo Raybould (The Snarling, Pandamonium) as well as Brown herself.

The humour is more the type that will make you grin rather than laugh out loud. Given the nature of what This Mourning is spoofing, though, that may actually be appropriate. Those who watch these shows might find the film a bit funnier than I did as well.

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This Mourning is on the festival circuit. It’s worth catching if it plays one near you.

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