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Review: SHREDDERS (2019) Horror-On-Sea 2020

What could possibly be worse than the office Christmas party? How about the office Christmas party being attacked by hungry aliens? That’s exactly what happens in Shredders, a twenty-minute short written by Michael James Dean (Cain Hill) and directed by Darren A. Furniss.

We join the invasion already in progress. Richard (Darren Ruston) and Stan (Michael James Dean) are barricading themselves in an office. Unfortunately, it has a sliding door and the desk they’re using is on wheels. Fortunately, it’s Peggy (Sophie Mensah) and not one of the creatures that comes through the door.

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Peggy has no intention of dying in this office, she has a kid at home, and she needs to get there. She enlists the hapless duo in her escape plan and they set out to reach the elevator.

Shot on a budget of about $2,500 Shredders gets quite creative with lighting and sound effects to cover for its lack of visual effects. All we ever see of the creatures is an outline through a frosted window. However, the camerawork and sound effects give the feeling of the creatures being right there in the halls.


The humour in Shredders is mostly verbal and stems from the three different personalities and their reaction to the situation. There’s a thankful lack of the usual panic and hysteria type jokes. The one time it does go over the top is a well-done parody of a genre cliché.

Shredders has been playing festivals and is available on YouTube. You can check Michael James Dean’s website for more information.

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YouTube video
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