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Review: CLEAN AS YOU LIKE IT (2019) Horror-On-Sea 2020

Bertha (Francesca Marie Claire) and Polly (Katy Poulter) are crime scene cleaners and BFFs. They’re also the last two single ladies among their group of friends. They swear to be inseparable. But that vow is tested when Jock (Ryan Sampson, The Frankenstein Chronicles) enters the picture. Is their friendship doomed? Or At the end of the day, is bleach is thicker than semen?

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Clean As You Like It was shot in an incredible spectrum of neon pink. It has the look of a pop video at some points and a sitcom in others. And no dialogue at all. The result is 15 witty minutes of upbeat film about not so upbeat topics.

Written by the two leads Clean As You Like It lets them show off their ability to act with their expressions and body language. It’s set off nicely by director Theresa Varga’s eye for colour and kitsch, which makes their comedic efforts that much funnier.

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Clean As You Like It is a little hard for me to describe, so just check out the trailer. It’s currently playing festivals. Look for it if you’re into bright colours and dark deeds.

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