Review: RETCH (2019) Horror-On-Sea 2020

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Retch is a four-minute short that delivers some incredible effects while deftly playing with the audience’s expectations. It’s been picked up by Alter for distribution on their channel and it’s easy to see why.

Retch begins with a woman (Chloe Wigmore) having a seizure while another woman (Maria Teresa Creasey) desperately looks for her meds. Cue a squirm-inducing shot of it being delivered via eye drops. Delivered from what looks enough like a hypodermic needle to encourage visions of Dead And Buried’s most notorious scene.

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From there she’s put into what appears to be a freight elevator and taken to the basement. I won’t spoil what comes next, but it’s quite eye-catching. The film’s payoff is unexpected and amusing in a different way.

Writer/director Keir Siewert and cinematographer Anna Gudbrandsdottir create a wonderful atmosphere and setting for Emily Bobczenokto and Paula Barjau to show off their makeup skills. The sound crew manages to add to the ick factor as well. Retch’s producer suggested watching with earphones on and it’s sound advice, (sorry couldn’t resist).

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After finishing up a successful festival run Retch will make its debut on Alter March 4th at 8 am Pacific Time. It’s free so there’s no excuse not to check it out. You can check the production company’s website for more details.

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