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Review: BIG MAN (2019) Horror-On-Sea 2020

Dan (Ray Sinclair) is a professional gambler and tough guy. However, he’s about to be taught a lesson in humility. As Big Man opens, Dan is having a rare losing night. He responds to the taunting by beating the crap out of the other player and stealing his money back.

He calls his girlfriend Tina (Niki Preston) and demands she stick her infant son in a spare room so he can come over. On his way there, he insults a beggar looking for some change. This brings down the wrath of something even he can’t handle.

Actor Ray Sinclair as BIG MAN

Big Man, written by Ramman Gautam and directed by Gautam and Kaushy is something of a modern-day fable. It uses its just under 10-minute running time to warn against arrogance and cruelty. Pride goeth before a fall, if you will.

There are some effects near the end, but Big Man is mostly dialogue-driven. Which is mostly what it needs to get its point across. And it does get it across, in a watchable enough way.

Big Man has been put up on YouTube, so give it a look.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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