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Review: UPIR (2016) Horror-On-Sea 2020

An upir is a Slavic vampire. And that is what Arthur (Thomas Millot) thinks Vera (Virginia Atenza) his nanny is. After all, she never seems to sleep or eat despite having some sharp-looking teeth. And she always wears black. And her reaction when he cut his finger…

A fantasy shot through the eyes of a young boy, Upir is a tale of day to day life and imagination for most of its 10-minute plus credits length. Laura Rembault and cinematographer Vincent Margueritte capture it with a nice, natural approach that suits the manner in which the plot unfolds. The film is just past the midpoint before he confesses his suspicions to his giant stuffed bear.

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Of course, the story ends with a bit of a bite, it is about vampires after all. But it’s mostly framed as a real-world tale of a young boy with an active imagination and maybe his first crush.

Upir has been playing festivals and is available on Vimeo. There’s also a teaser, which is actually a scene cut from the final version. While Upir is subtitled, the teaser, unfortunately, isn’t.

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