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Be Uncertain is a film that certainly lives up to its title. Writer/director Jack Carrivick has created a story that keeps you guessing at just what is going on for its entire 15-minute length. It opens with a radio announcer telling us that, among other things, Britain has cut off all imports from America. And gets stranger from there

JD (Stephen Wight, Wilderness, Men in Black: International) has what seems like a nice if dull, life. After his girlfriend, Sam (Aisling Bea, The Trap) complains about him using butter in the meal he’s making for her he decides to go for a jog. He’s confronted by a masked, knife-wielding attacker and accidentally kills him in self-defence. That’s when things really get strange.


It would be a spoiler to say what happens next. But between the dead man’s identity, strange notes JD finds in his car, and even the radio station playing in his car the weirdness piles up. Be Uncertain dives into a hellish rabbit hole that there may not be a way out of.

Carrivick never makes it clear just what is happening in Be Uncertain. Is JD caught in some kind of odd time loop or time warp? The film’s publicity materials refer to it as, among other genres, science fiction though there are no obvious signs of the genre. Is it a dream? Or maybe the hallucinations and delusions of a troubled mind? The film’s final images could certainly be taken as the work of a serial killer.


The cinematography helps fuel this sense of paranoia. The dark streets of Be Uncertain seem alive with menace at the start. JD goes jogging in a suit that makes him look like he escaped from a low budget Tron reboot in contrast to his surroundings. By the end, he seems to be right at home in them.

Be Uncertain is an enjoyable bit of mindfuckery. You probably still won’t know what’s really going on at the end but you’ll have fun trying to figure it out.

Be Uncertain recently played the Horror-On-Sea film festival. You can see more of Jack Carrivick’s work on his website.

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