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Written in a few hours to take advantage of a location that would be available for the weekend, writer/director Sam Mason-Bell’s (The Truth Will Out) latest film Millennial Killer is the sort of production that proves the spirit of Roger Corman is still alive and well in indie film.

Naomi (Alice Mulholland) and Daniel (Rishky Patel) are on their way to look at an apartment. That is, if their arguing doesn’t break them up before they get there. Unfortunately, they make it to their appointment. Unfortunately, because The Estate Agent (Simon Berry) shows them around then kills Daniel and takes Naomi captive. She’s not the first and won’t be the last.


The rest of the film is a series of vignettes as he lures other millennials to the apartment to kill. It seems he has a grudge against them because of something that happened to an old lady. He knows it’s true, he read about it in the paper, probably the Daily Mail. Will Naomi find a way to get out with her life and her sanity?

For something made in such a short time frame, Millennial Killer isn’t bad at all. It’s certainly better than a lot of films made on more conventional time frames. The problem is the episodes are all pretty much the same. People come in, get shown around and die. It would have played better if the script had had fewer, but more worked out and differentiated segments.

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Millennial Killer does have some good effects. I won’t spoil it, but the climax has a particularly nice bit of bloodletting. Due to scheduling and I would suppose budget, the film ends up having to obscure much of the violence. Some of it though is effective enough in the way it’s implied rather than shown. That includes some oral surgery with a pair of scissors.

While not really a proper example of what Mason-Bell is capable of, Millennial Killer certainly shows he’s got ability and talent. Millennial Killer was one of two films he had playing at this year’s Horror-On-Sea. The Truth Will Out, which he co-directed with Jessica Hunt also screened there. I’ll be checking the screener of that out shortly to see what he can do under less chaotic conditions.

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You can check for screenings of Millennial Killer on its Facebook page.

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