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Your Last Day On Earth from writer/director Marc Martínez Jordán is a time travel film, unlike most others. From the bizarre images of a fox headed time traveller to a whole set of twists for the genre, this is 12 minutes full of ideas. It’s also surprisingly touching.

Zorro (Enric Auquer) has made the connections to allow himself to go back in time. He wants to see his wife, who was killed in a terrorist attack, one last time. Of course, the rules prohibit any contact between them. He naturally enough has other ideas. The chain reaction of events this sets of is not what anyone would expect.

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But then, almost nothing in Your Last Day On Earth is what one would expect. The Iberian fox mask he’s forced to wear. Or the low-tech method of time travel the “Hacktivists” have discovered. So when things go off the rails, it shouldn’t be surprising it’s not in the expected Ray Bradbury Butterfly Effect manner.

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Obviously, I can’t say just what happens, but it falls somewhere between absurdly funny and tragic. Your Last Day On Earth starts out as an absurd comedy and becomes progressively more sombre as it goes on. It doesn’t necessarily get any less absurd, just more serious. It all leads up to an ending that’s effective on several levels.

Your Last Day On Earth has played several festivals, including Horror-On-Sea and the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival. It’s deservedly racked up a pile of awards during that run. It’s worth keeping an eye out for at fests near you.

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