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Review: BONE BREAKER (2020)

“A group of friends, looking for an extreme weekend, get more than they bargain for when they mistakenly cross the land of the infamous BONE BREAKER. What should have been a fun weekend has now turned into a fight for survival.”

That’s the official synopsis for the new British horror film Bone Breaker. Pretty generic, right? What if I told you that isn’t even particularly close to the film’s actual plot? Well, it isn’t. But don’t get your hopes up, the truth is actually worse.

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YouTube fitness “content creators” Emily (Rachel Bright, King Of Crime) and Ruby (Lucy Aarden, Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy) head into the forest with aspiring newcomer Rachel (Sophie Jones). Grace (Jade Colucci) has agreed to let them shoot their new video on some woodlands she owns. But the weekend soon takes a turn for the worse as they find themselves hunted for sport.

Writer/director Nicholas Winter (Robin Hood: The Rebellion, A Dark Path) seems to have watched a few versions of The Most Dangerous Game, mixed in a few backwoods slasher clichés and then figured he was being creative by giving Bone Breaker a huntress instead of a hunter. That’s not a spoiler, BTW. The prologue doesn’t show the killer, but we hear her voice. So you know who she is as soon as her character turns up. A few minutes later, she’s attacking people and laying out the rules of her game.

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There’s no real suspense with the kills in Bone Breaker, either. Thankfully, though, the killing does give us a break from the endless bickering between Emily and Ruby. Far from friends, they’re rivals out to backstab each other for the favour of their sponsors, and their constant cattiness gets old fast. It’s also obvious who the final girl will be, though there is some question over how she’ll make it that far. She suffers a fairly nasty injury early in the going that would seem to make her an easy target.

And that brings us to yet another issue. According to IMDB, Bone Breaker had a budget of around $425,000. But there are almost no effects. Even when someone gets impaled with a crowbar, there’s no blood. And when the sledgehammer does come into play, it’s usually on an off-screen body. Either there was a lot of cocaine being done on the set or that budget has had a couple of digits added to it.

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There are no effects, no suspense and no real reason to watch it. If you want to see a film about people hunting people, skip Bone Breaker and check out Turkey Shoot/Escape 2000, The Prey or Never Leave Alive instead.

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