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Review: THE RHYTHM (2020)

In the email that came with the screener of her short film The Rhythm, Debbie Lane said that she’s not a filmmaker. Well for somebody who isn’t she’s done a very good job of it.

Shot on an iPad, The Rhythm is a music video for the band Dai-X. A Shaman of some sort, the credits call her Voodoo Girl, but the makeup looks more African, performs a ritual which has an effect on a woman at a nearby pub. Debbie Lane plays both of them, although she’s unrecognizable under the makeup.

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The Rhythm looks a bit grainy, which suits the mood of the piece. It’s also surprisingly well shot considering it wasn’t made with a traditional camera.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from Debbie Lane. I’m curious to see what she could do with a narrative film. She certainly seems to have a way with music videos.

The Rhythm premiered at this year’s Horror-On-Sea Festival. You can check for other showings on the film’s Facebook page.

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