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Review: ZOMBIE RAMPAGE 2 (2018)

Back in 1989 Todd Sheets unleashed Zombie Rampage on the world. A tale of, well, of zombies on a rampage in Kansas City, it became an early SOV hit due to ads in Fangoria, Film Threat and other magazines. Sheets has gone on the films such as Bonehill Road and Hi-Death and doesn’t speak too highly of it these days. But he must have some fondness for it. Because he dusted off the footage from the unfinished 1990 sequel, and, along with Alexander Brotherton, wrote and shot new footage to complete Zombie Rampage 2.

After being driven out of his hiding place, Stewart (J. Purkaple) nearly becomes zombie chow before being saved by Danni (Eve Smith). Stewart soon becomes part of an odd group of survivors that include Durville Sweet (Antwoine Steele, House Of Forbidden Secrets) who seems to have stepped out of a vintage Blaxploitation film, Kiddo, (Jenna McCarty) a schoolgirl who is lethal with a baseball bat and Dilynn Fawn Harvey (Clownado, Xenophobia) as the aptly named Hot Stuff.

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However, the zombies may not be their biggest problem. Even after the zombie apocalypse, other humans are still the biggest threat. In this case, a group of cannibals led by Dr. Hyde (Jack McCord) and Mr. Jack (Daniell Bell).

Filmed on a budget that, adjusted for inflation, was probably close to the original’s Zombie Rampage 2 pretty much defines microbudget filmmaking. It’s not just unpolished, it’s pretty rough around the edges. But considering its heritage, that’s the way it should be. And given that heritage, the use of digital blood spray seemed really out of place next to the practical effects. And even more out of place compared to the original footage.

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Zombie Rampage 2 also adds some fairly bizarre humour to the mix. How bizarre? Well, there’s an extended fake trailer for a film called Durville Sweet And The Lost Temple Of Ass Pirates. It features zombies, spaceships, a poop creature and a hot blonde getting spanked.

The film itself adds Durville using a giant jelly dildo as a weapon, a large black woman named Juggs (Carol Word) who keeps sticking people’s faces in her cleavage. And a gag that will bring back memories to anyone who tried to get free over the air pay channels back in the day. I think you get the idea. The humour may put some folk off, but I enjoyed it for the most part.

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If you like this sort of raw independent film. And especially if you remember the early days of SOV horror, then you should enjoy Zombie Rampage 2. It’s available from Wild Eye Releasing on DVD and to stream from Tubi and other platforms.

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2 thoughts on “Review: ZOMBIE RAMPAGE 2 (2018)”

  1. Thank you Jim. Wild Eye twisted my arm to make this a reality. I kind of disowned that first wave of films we made when we were pretty much just kids. But people had worked on this film, and I felt badly that it never saw the light of day anywhere…. so we gave in to Wild Eye and finished the film and the digital blood only happened due to some issues where certain actors disappeared during the shoot or makeup crew had on set problems. It was a cursed shoot just like the original, with so many issues I actually wondered if we would get it finished, but I credit Alex Brotherton and Amanda Payton for never saying die. I was only on set a few times. I was there for support and to help in a crunch, but I was prepping Bonehill Road during this production.

    1. They twist your arm to make it, then give it such a crap release I had to scavenge stills off of Diylnn’s Facebook page for my review. Gotta love the movie business.

      I’m looking forward to Hi-Fear, And hopefully something feature length from you after that.

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