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Review: VALENTINE’S DAY (2017)

Shot in black and white with a cast of one, Kris Smith’s short Valentine’s Day is a touching and bittersweet film. Maggie (Charly Nash) comes home to find a heart made of rose petals on the floor. There are chocolates and champagne as well. As the film unfolds, we see the full story.

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Smith and writer Leon Hooke have constructed a story with only one person on screen and no spoken dialogue. And it still gets its message across quite clearly. Nash is a big part of this, her expressions and body language expressing things every bit, as well as words, would have. It all makes for a very engrossing seven minutes. Even for somebody like me, whose idea of a Valentine’s Day film is My Bloody Valentine. The original version, of course.

Looking at Smith’s IMDB page, he seems to be a bit of a jack of all trades. Apart from directing several shorts and a couple of features, he has credits as a producer on films like The Last Scout and Doll Cemetery. And lots of behind the scenes technical credits. I’m sure all of this experience helped in getting Valentine’s Day to look as good as it does. It’s the kind of film that reminds you why black and white films still get made.

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Well worth the time to check it out, Valentine’s Day is available on YouTube. You can also check out the director’s YouTube channel for more of his work, including a pair of his features. And free films are a good thing when we’re all stuck inside

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