Review: 21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses (2000-2011) by MJ Simpson

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MJ Simpson is a name that a lot of you are probably familiar with in one way or another. He’s turned up in films like Hellriser and Toxic Apocalypse. He’s written for, among others, Fangoria, Scream and SFX magazines as well as published several previous books. And there’s his blog British Horror Revival.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying he knows his stuff when it comes to horror movies. And he’s put quite a bit of that knowledge into the pages of 21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses (2000-2011). As you can guess from the Volume 1 part of the title, it’s the first in a series he anticipates will run to four books.

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In this volume, we get 316 films reviewed in fairly short, concise entries that run about 200 words each, arraigned alphabetically by year. While obviously not in-depth articles, it’s certainly enough to give you an idea if a given film sounds like something you’ll like. And there’s a wide range of films covered, not just the major releases and well-known indies.

Sure there’s The Decent, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Dog Soldiers, Outpost and Cradle of Fear. But there’s also obscurities like Sentinels of Darkness that so far has only been released in Greece. Resurrecting The Street Walker, which sounded interesting enough I had to find and review it. There are films like Evel Cat: The Return, (that’s not a typo), that were sold off of a MySpace page. A few that were never released. And several, like the Fantom Kiler franchise that probably shouldn’t have been.

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21st Century British Horror Films Vol.1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses (2000-2011) is meant as a reference book. But it’s written such that you could just as easily read through it looking for new films to watch. Or to try to track down.

21st Century British Horror Films, Volume 1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses is a limited edition publication available exclusively online at It’s 176 pages, A4, softback, and full colour throughout, with a foreword by horror expert Dr. Johnny Walker.

The price is £20 plus postage. Postage is free for anyone who wrote, directed, produced or starred in any film in the book. Although I think he may charge double if it was a Fantom Kiler film.

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