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Review: CRY FOR THE BAD MAN (2019)

After I Spit On Your Grave and I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu Camille Keaton certainly knows a few things about revenge and fighting back. You might also think that folk would know better than to mess with her. But in writer/director Sam Farmer’s Cry for the Bad Man, that’s just what happens when the richest man in town wants her house. And she won’t sell. Who will end up crying, the bad men? Or the audience?

Recently widowed Marsha Kane (Camille Keaton, Raw Force, What Have You Done to Solange?) keeps to herself, mourning the death of her husband. She just wants to be left alone. But the MacMohan boys, Wayne (Scott Peeler), Derrek (Erick Dooley, Parapsychology 101) and Billy (Christopher James Forrest) aren’t about to leave her alone. Their father Bill (Mark Poppleton) has made her a nice offer on her property, but she’s not selling. So they intend to force the issue.


The cops are, of course, useless. Deputy Pyle (Victor Jones) is on the MacMohan payroll and threatens to arrest her when she files a complaint. So she goes home, pulls out the guns and prepares to stand her ground.

Cry for the Bad Man gets to the action fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it starts going off the rails just as quickly. When the boys arrive they’re greeted with a shotgun blast through the door, leaving Billy with a gaping stomach wound. Do they grab him and head to the hospital? Duck for cover and shoot back? No, they stand on the porch and argue with each other. And she doesn’t blow them away.


And that’s the kind of logic that much of Cry for the Bad Man operates on. Wayne goes in the house, she gets the drop on him immediately but tells him to get his brothers and leave. They don’t. She blows Derrek’s hand off but he and Billy have to try to storm the house again. Not the brightest tools in the shed.

Then again, given Wayne’s casual comments about his father’s “Jew lawyer” and ranting about the “War of Northern Aggression” their family tree may not branch off that much. Not that Marsha’s daughter Helen (Karen Konzen) is much brighter. She sees the injured Derrek and gives him a ride back to her mother’s house.


As a warning about picking on elderly women Cry for the Bad Man might be a success. But as a home invasion thriller, it’s pretty much a total misfire. When your victim is in control for 90 percent of the film there is no threat, And with no threat, there’s no suspense or thrills.

Cry for the Bad Man premieres on DVD and Digital on May 5 from Uncork’d Entertainment. You can check the film’s Facebook page for more information.

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