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Review: SLAYBOR DAY 7 (2020)

“Fashion victim” is a term used to describe a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. Maddox Mason (Derek K. Moore, The Wrong Todd) has a slightly more literal use for the term. For those who don’t know, Maddox is the star of the Slaybor Day horror franchise. His masked killer deals out death to those who dare to wear white after Labour Day. And in Slaybor Day 7 writer/director Justin Wayne takes a look at the man behind the mask.

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Framed as an episode of the interview show Behind The Mask, Slaybor Day 7 is a twelve-minute mockumentary that takes a satirical look at slasher films, celebrities and horror fandom in general. And in those twelve minutes, it gets more laughs than many showbiz comedy features do.

Barry Bones (Paul Noonan, Castle Rock) interviews Maddox and his mother (Sissy O’Hara, Randy’s Canvas). There’s also footage of superfan Courtney Wolf (Chelsea Forsgren) and his ex-wife and former co-star Delilah Bloodworth (Jillian Menoche). The result is realistic enough to seem almost real while still being funny. Having Maddox resemble Andrew Dice Clay was a nice touch.

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While it isn’t touted as such, Slaybor Day 7 has the feel of a proof of concept short for either a feature-length version in the style of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon or an actual Slaybor Day movie. I’d be happy to see either.

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After a successful festival run that included winning several awards, Slaybor Day 7 is available to watch for free on YouTube. You can find out more on the film’s website or Facebook page.

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