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Conspiracy theories, we’ve all heard plenty of them, probably too damn many of them in this age of COVID-19. But as much as they’re annoying in real life, they can make for fun movies, as the recent film Interpreters proved. Now writer/director Brad Abrahams (Love and Saucers, Swan Song of the Skunk Ape) takes them in a different direction with his short Conspiracy Cruise.

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Gordon Pike (Henry Zebrowski, Host of “Last Podcast on the Left”) was a rock star until he destroyed his career by preaching “the real truth”. Now instead of headlining arenas, he’s headlining The Conspiracy Cruise. A hundred or so people on a third rate cruise ship waiting to hear about Lizard People, the Illuminati and probably Q Anon and Pizzagate too.

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However, in between trying to sell his book and lying to his mother about how successful he is, he begins to doubt himself. Until the plots and conspiracies he’s preached about start becoming reality in front of his eyes. Or has he finally lost all touch with reality?

Inspired by an article by Anna Merlan about the real Conspira Sea cruise, Conspiracy Cruise is a portrait of some incredibly gullible people. Of course, if you really believe that COVID-19 is a plot to let Bill Gates and the WHO inject everyone with a mind-controlling vaccine, you might not share that view. But for those of us who know chemtrails are neither mind nor weather control devices will get some chuckles.

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Conspiracy Cruise is currently available on Vimeo, where it was a Staff Pick. You can find out more about it on the film’s website.

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