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Directed by Kurt Kubicek and filmed at Orange County’s REC ROOM on a recent stand-up tour, Jamie Kennedy – Stoopid Smart runs about an hour long. Which is a fairly long time to keep me laughing, especially with my rather strange sense of humour.

I don’t usually review comedy specials, and that probably won’t change. But Jamie Kennedy has been in so many genre films, I figured I’d make an exception. He’s been in the Scream franchise. A couple of the Tremors films including Tremors A Cold Day in Hell, And plenty of others, most recently Trick.

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As a fan of the genre, if not that particular film, I did get a laugh out of him being introduced as “The star of Tremors 6”. After some of the usual stand-up jokes about the size of the venue and the state of his career, he comes back and do a bit about his involvement with the Tremors franchise.

The material in Stoopid Smart ranges from typical celebrity comedian stuff like being recognized in public to more generic subjects like dating, sex and why he’s still single. Which is apparently because marriage is like a breakdance battle.

Granted, I’ve never seen anyone do a bit about being worried that Matthew McConaughey will seduce them. Or consider Alexander Graham Bell’s reaction to sexting and dick pics. But most of Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart covers territory that’s been done a million times by other people. How many times have we seen comedians talk about men and women’s differing attitudes toward sex? Complete with use of the microphone stand as a prop no less.

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The audience seemed into Kennedy’s routine most of the time, and I suppose that’s what matters most. I did notice though that when he started doing some very stereotypical gay jokes, the crowd was almost silent.

Myself, I chuckled, which is par for the course with me and comedy specials like this. Jamie Kennedy is no Andrew Dice Clay, but I’ve seen a lot worse. It’s certainly funnier than Malibu’s Most Wanted. But, as I’ve said before, comedy is a very subjective thing, so watch the Stoopid Smart trailer and decide for yourself.

Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart will premiere exclusively on Tubi Monday, May 25th. It will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Digital platforms in June.

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