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Darcy Weir has done several Beyond the Spectrum documentaries on strange events and phenomena such as UFOs, cryptozoology and secret underground bases. This particular one, Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids, deals with sightings, not of Bigfoot-type humanoids, but alleged sightings of aliens or other creatures not of this world.

I’ve reviewed several similar documentaries from Seth Breedlove, such as Invasion on Chestnut Ridge and On The Trail of UFOs. However, where those rely on recreations of events and witness interviews, Weir takes a different approach. Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids uses a lot of what is claimed to be actual footage of these beings rather than recreations of witnesses’ testimony.

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This is both a good and a bad approach. Obviously, seeing what is claimed as actual evidence is important. But, as is so often the case, the pictures and videos are grainy, blurry and not very conclusive or convincing.

Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids has some interviews with witnesses. However, a lot of the time it’s a journalist, Jamie Maussan retelling what he was told by those he interviewed. And in one case, what he himself saw while investigating an alleged encounter. And that’s not as convincing as hearing from the people who saw and/or photographed these beings.

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On the other hand, Maussan is Mexican, and as a result, the cases he talks about are mostly from Central and South America. This is a nice contrast to the usual USA focus of many documentaries. Seeing the phenomena and its perception through a different perspective is quite interesting.

Ultimately, though, Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids isn’t going to change a lot of opinions. Those who are willing to accept blurry video and third-hand accounts as definitive proof will eat this up. Others will find Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids to be anywhere from interesting to unconvincing.

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Myself, I found some of the stories interesting, but the evidence was a bit weak. Surely somebody somewhere can produce some clear and convincing footage of these brings. I mean, if aliens have a technology that causes cameras to only produce crap pictures of them, wouldn’t they be all over Earth selling it to celebrities as an anti-paparazzi tool?

Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids is available on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon and Tubi.

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