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We’re all aware of former pro wrestlers who’ve managed to find fame in Hollywood. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and even “Rowdy” Roddy Piper all come to mind. More recently there’s been John Hennigan (Never Leave Alive, Strange Nature), Gene Snisky (100 Acres of Hell), Phil Brooks aka C.M. Punk (Rabid, Girl on the Third Floor) are all giving it a run. John Cena (12 Rounds, The Marine) has gotten his big break, having been cast in Fast and Furious 9.

Films about wrestlers, especially genre films, are less common, however. There was the recent Powerbomb which was actually more of a thriller. Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies and El Gigante also come to mind. Well, now we have Wrestlemassacre, which is not only about, but full of pro wrestlers.

Randy (Richie Acevedo, MILFs vs, Zombies) wants to be a famous wrestler just like his father (Josip Peruzovic, aka Nikolai Volkoff). Instead, he works for Owen (Julio Bana Fernandez) as a groundskeeper. Or rather, he did until he loses his job. Seeing this as his chance, he decides to attend Jimmy Valiant’s Wrestling Camp. But when that results in absolute humiliation, it’s the final straw.

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Randy is going to wear a championship belt. Even if he has to make it out of the bodies of everyone who’s ever done him wrong.

Director Brad Twigg (Killer Campout) co-wrote Wrestlemassacre with Matthew L. Furman and two of the film’s cast Julio Bana Fernandez and Rosanna Nelson, who plays Becky, Owen’s wife and the woman of Randy’s dreams. They obviously set out to write a bloody, over the top, horror film. And they do a pretty good job of it.

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Wrestlemassacre gets off to a great start with a nude Cayt Feinics (Clownado, Lycanimator) running through the woods and a couple of bloody deaths. Unfortunately, the next half hour or so is a bit of a slog as it sets everyone up for the slaughter. And that is worth the wait.

The last half hour of Wrestlemassacre is filled with gore and carnage, with wrestling moves frequently involved. Backs are broken, necks snapped, limbs and faces torn off. There’s death by electrocution and weed trimmer. All without the use of CGI.

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Wrestling fans will have a field day spotting the many grapplers who make an appearance in the film. Apart from Acevedo, Valiant and Volkoff, Wrestlemassacre’s cast includes Tony Atlas, Manny Fernandez, Jimmy Fullington aka The Sandman and Jessica Kresa.

Genre fans can watch for George Stover (Blood Massacre, Sociopathia), Shawn C. Phillips (Genevieve, Dead Ant) and Mick O’Keefe (Holland Road Massacre: The Legend of Pigman, Crossbreed) among others.

Wrestlemassacre will be available On Demand and on DVD June 16th from Wild Eye Releasing. You can check its Facebook page for updates.

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