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Review: Beyond the Spectrum – Maussan’s UFO Files (2019)

Having previously reviewed Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids, I approached Beyond the Spectrum – Maussan’s UFO Files expecting more of the same. However, I hit a snag right at the start. This must have been the first episode, as it begins with nearly fifteen minutes of Mexican journalist Jamie Maussan recounting his career and how he became involved with UFOs. It is, to say the least, boring, and takes up nearly a third of the episode.

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Once the show moves past that, Maussan’s UFO Files does get more interesting. It’s the same format as the Humanoids episode. There’s a mix of original footage and photographs of alleged UFOs and news footage devoted to the subject. That includes Fox New’s Tucker Carlson interviewed a former Navy pilot who claims he was dispatched to check out an alien craft. This may be the most factual thing Fox has ever aired. Most of the footage though is from Mexico and probably new to English-speaking audiences.

How convincing you find this footage probably depends on what you already believe about UFOs. There’s nothing here that’s going to convert non-believers. I hadn’t seen much of this footage before. But it’s the same kind of footage I’ve seen so many times. Blurry, distant shots that show something in the air. Whether natural phenomena, aircraft or something truly unknown, that we can’t actually tell.

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The stories in Beyond the Spectrum – Maussan’s UFO Files aren’t as interesting as the ones in the other episode either. Talking about seeing things in the sky simply isn’t the attention grabber that tales of odd creatures are. Also, Maussan tends to make most of the incidents recounted here about himself and his coverage of them. I’d rather hear more about the actual incidents than his self-aggrandizing.

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All in all, I’m glad I reviewed this episode second, even though it came first in the series. If I had started with it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with any more episodes. You may want to pass on this one as well.

Beyond the Spectrum – Maussan’s UFO Files is available to stream on Tubi, Amazon and other streaming platforms.

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