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Review: Stationary (2019)

Jimmy (Aaron Thomas Ward, Nefarious, Accident Man) is looking for Che (Rebekah Murrell), his former partner in the drug trade. Five years ago, he was arrested in a raid intended to catch her. But he’s not out for revenge. He’s concerned about Gino (Xavien Russell), Che’s younger brother.

Gino works for Che as a runner. But he has his eye on better things. He wants to get out of the projects and go to university. Che doesn’t want him to go. Jimmy knows he was lucky not to do significant prison time and doesn’t want Gino to face that risk either.

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Written and directed by Louis Chan, Stationary is set almost entirely in Jimmy’s car. It follows the conversation between the three of them as Jimmy tries to convince Che to let Gino pursue his dreams. But as the conversation unfolds, a question arises. Is that his only reason for returning? Or does he have his own unresolved issues with the past that still hold him back in some way?

Chan has said in an interview that Stationary was inspired by a friend’s experience. Similar to Jimmy, he was arrested but managed to escape serious punishment. His feelings about the experience gave birth to the Character of Jimmy and became the film’s starting point.

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The result is a solid twelve-minute short about the difficulty of changing one’s life. Of having to overcome our own inertia and short shortsightedness as well as external obstacles. Sometimes breaking from the past is easy, sometimes it takes the proverbial kick in the ass.

Stationary won several awards during its festival run and is now available to view on Million Youth Media ‘MYM’`s YouTube channel. It’s certainly worth the time it takes to watch it. You can find out more about the film itself on its website.

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