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Review: Genevieve (2020)

Genevieve is a new five-minute short from Nicholas Michael Jacobs, who has previously done the feature Night. He also did the anthology film Urban Fears, which this is spun off from.

Genevieve is a possessed doll, like Annabelle, only considerably more sinister looking. Its owner Ted (Shawn C. Phillips, The Candy Witch, The Mermaid’s Curse) is at the funeral of his son who was a victim of the events in Urban Fears. David (Nicholas Michael Jacobs) is planning to take advantage of this to steal the doll because a possessed doll has to be worth a fortune. And what could possibly go wrong?

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As a quick, no budget vignette, Genevieve is fun a fun watch and leads into another short Genevieve Wreaks Havoc which is scheduled to be released for Halloween. It’s not without its flaws, David is alone so he has to talk to himself for dialogue. It would have been better to stick with silence for the most part. It might also have made more sense to combine the two shorts. Five minutes, four plus credits to be exact, doesn’t leave much time to do more than a quick gotcha.

But, as I said, Genevieve is fun as these kinds of short shorts go, so check it out. You can find out more about Nicholas and his films on his website.

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