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Review: Make A Wish (2019)

Let’s face it, for many of us, High School wasn’t the wonderful time nostalgic TV shows and movies want us to believe. Especially if you weren’t one of the popular ones. But what if you got the chance to get revenge against those who made those years’ hell? That’s the question at hand in Dinh Thai’s eight-minute short Make A Wish.

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Freddie (Edward Hong, Loners, Human Zoo) turns thirty today. Lexie (Josephine Chang) has a special present for him. What could it be? How about Brock (Roman Moretti), his chief tormentor, tied to a chair and topped with a nice red bow. With an assortment of knives in easy reach.

Things don’t go the way you might expect, and that’s where the fun comes in. Freddie can’t believe Lexie could do something like this. Lexie can’t understand Freddie isn’t happy. After all, he said he wanted to get revenge. And Brock doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

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Director Dinh Thai co-wrote Make a Wish with Ivan Tsang (Hibakusha) while Chang served as “script supervisor”. And it’s Chang that steals the show as the ultimate in scarily devoted girlfriends. How dare he not appreciate this? She spent three months just tracking Brock down, and this is how he reacts?

That’s not saying Hong and Moretti are bad, far from it. Hong is great as the conflicted boyfriend. Moretti doesn’t have as much to work with as he’s tied up, but he makes the most of it. But Chang just nails it as a woman, cute and scary enough to be one of my exes. Her reactions and over reactions make me want to see more of these two.

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Unsurprisingly, Make A Wish has picked up plenty of awards already on the festival circuit. And it’s still got plenty more screenings scheduled. You can check the film’s Facebook page to check for one near you.

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