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Review: Senior Love Triangle (2020)

William (Tom Bower, Die Hard 2, 13 Sins) is an 84-year-old World War 2 Navy veteran. He’s about to close a deal on a mansion in Jamaica, or so the voice on the other end of the phone tells him. Just a few more -payments to cover fees and it’ll be all his. While he waits for this to get finalized he lives with, and off of, Adina (Anne Gee Byrd, 8MM) in her retirement home. Her son however is not as enamoured of him and has him evicted from his mother’s apartment.

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He ends up at the less elegant Gramercy Towers where he meets Jeanie (Marlyn Mason, Besetment) a former USO entertainer in the first stages of Alzheimer’s. Matters soon become complicated.

Senior Love Triangle is a story of love and loneliness in an unlikely setting. We rarely think of senior citizens in terms of dating or relationships, let alone having a sex life. The idea of them becoming involved in a complicated situation like this is even more unthinkable.

Nor are these the sweet old grandparents or sarcastically funny elders of TV sitcoms and Hallmark Channel movies. Jeanie slips in and out of reality, at times thinking she’s back in New York with her deceased husband. William, apart from being delusional about being scammed, also has moments where he can’t manage his temper. Adina, while the most mentally sharp of the three, is lonely to the point she’s willing to play ATM to William, just to have him in her life.

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Watching the relationships between these three is the core of the film. Especially the way the two women eventually come to bond with and draw strength from each other. It’s a complex film with complex characters. Nobody is really a villain, even if at times William may seem it. He seriously believes he’s about to take these two ladies to a life of luxury. He just needs a bit of help while it all comes together.

An honest and challenging film, right down to its anything but Hollywood ending, Senior Love Triangle is something different. And like most things out of the norm, it won’t be for everyone. But any love story that can get me to watch it is probably worth your time as well.

Senior Love Triangle is available via Gravitas Ventures. You can check the film’s website and Facebook page for more information. You can see more of Isadora Kosofsky’s work on her website.

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