Lovecraft and Time Travel Intersect on Sept. 15th

Intersect Poster

As if I didn’t have enough going on with Fantasia, this just popped up on my radar. According to the filmmakers, Intersect is about “A group of young Miskatonic University scientists invent a time machine, only to learn that they are being manipulated by mysterious, unseen forces from another dimension.” Miskatonic University? Time travel? Forces from another dimension? Sounds good to me.

I can’t say I’m familiar with writer/director Gus Holwerda, but the cast of Intersect has some familiar faces and voices including James Morrison (Captain Marvel, Twin Peaks), Jason Spisak (Superman: Dark Son, Piranha 3D) and Jose Rosete (Portal, Battlefield 2025). Are they still architects of their own destiny? Or pawns in a game whose outcome will affect all humankind?

Check out the trailer along with some stills and concept art. Intersect will be available on September 15th via 1091 Media, you can check out the film’s website and Facebook page while you wait.

Intersect 2
Intersect Concept Art
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