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Review: We Die Alone (2020)

Aidan (Baker Chase Powell, Irrational Fear, Xenophobia) lives alone, except for a mannequin that he pastes pictures of potential dates onto. He can get matches on his dating app. But when the time comes to meet them, he flakes and ghosts them. A co-worker Elaine (Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful) seems to be the only person he can relate to.

That changes when Chelsea (Samantha Boscarino) moves in across from him. Not only is she attractive, but she and Aidan seem to be on the same wavelength. Unfortunately, that may not be such a good thing.

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We Die Alone is the second film I’ve seen recently to explore love and relationships through a horror lens. Unlike The Waiting, We Die Alone stays in the horror/dark drama genre and follows its path to a grim conclusion. Though maybe not the one we were expecting.

We Die Alone is my way of touching upon the consequences of standing in our own way when attempting to build authentic romantic connections. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and his manner of discussing reality with a tragic twist, I felt this film would be best told in the dramatic thriller genre.

Director Marc Cartwright

Director Marc Cartwright and co-writer Cassie Keet puts these characters into each other’s orbits, and we get to watch their interactions, All three of them have opportunities in front of them, but their individual damages prevent them from taking advantage of them. By keeping the cast small and the focus tightly on them, they create an in depth study in just twenty-four minutes.

Much of the focus is on Aidan, and Powell does a great job of walking the line between awkward and downright creepy. The mannequin gives off some serious Maniac style vibes, and he has to work against them to build sympathy. Jones and Boscarino both do well as the very different women who surround him.

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A cautionary love story for the modern age, We Die Alone is about the disconnect between who we see ourselves as, present ourselves as, and who we really are. And the dangers of what can happen when we’re forced to confront the different versions of ourselves.

We Die Alone will be released August 21st on Amazon Prime and on Gunpowder and Sky’s Alter around Halloween. You can find more information on the film’s website and Facebook page.

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