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Review: Losing It At The Devil’s Whorehouse (2020)

Shot on pocket change over the course of two days Losing It At The Devil’s Whorehouse is a 15 minute short from writer/director Todd Sheets (Clownado, Dreaming Purple Neon). It will be released next year as part of the anthology Hi-Fear, the final chapter in the trilogy started by Hi-8 and Hi-Death. I was lucky enough to get a look at it now, and I’m sharing that luck with you.

Three young men head out to the best whorehouse around. They are on a mission to help their friend lose his virginity. How do they know it’s the best? They asked around, of course. The guest of honour still has his reservations. “I heard of people’s dicks falling off after they’ve been to whorehouses”.

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However, after being introduced to Jezebel (Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Bonehill Road, Xenophobia) he begins to change his mind. He probably should have stayed scared. Because this is the Devil’s Whorehouse, and STDs are going to be the least of their worries.

Mixing laughs, extreme gore and a bit of raunch Losing It At The Devil’s Whorehouse is a fun bit of bad taste. I had to laugh when Alistair Crowley (Jack McCord) points out the logic of letting the virgins you need for your sacrifices come to you.

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The short didn’t have credits besides a very 70s looking title card. So, apart from a couple of people, I don’t know who was who. But the cast was into it and obviously having a good time. The actor who played the trio’s leader was hysterical, trying to act worldly and failing badly.

You can check for news of a release date for Hi-Fear on the film’s Facebook page.

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