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Review: Genevieve Wreaks Havoc (2020)

Picking up where Genevieve left off, Genevieve Wreaks Havoc shows us the fate of David Burr (Nicholas Michael Jacobs), the thief who dared to break into Genevieve’s home.

And that basically is the entire plot of this five minute short from writer/director/star Nicholas Michael Jacobs. There’s a flashback to the previous film, then the attack. The attack is fairly brief, but for a no-budget film, it is well done. And, for once, Jacobs makes the effort to put some gore effects in the film.

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However, there really wasn’t any need for this to have been a separate film. Genevieve Wreaks Havoc’s total running time is five minutes. Take out the flashback and credits, and you’re left with maybe two minutes of new footage. It could easily have been put at the end of the previous film. And Shawn C. Phillips’ (The Candy Witch, The Mermaid’s Curse) appearance in the end would have worked even better.

Hopefully, if there’s another installment in the killer doll’s story, it’ll be longer. Either an episode of an anthology, like her introduction in Urban Fears, or a long short. That seems to be what they’re building up to.

You can check Nicholas Michael Jacobs’s website for more details. Genevieve Wreaks Havoc will be released October 1st, in the meabtime you can watch the original if you haven’t seen it yet.

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