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Review: We Got a Monkey’s Paw (2018)

I may not be a big fan of comedies, but with a synopsis like this, how could I not check out We Got a Monkey’s Paw? “Things get hairy when Zack convinces Jakki to spend the day making wishes on a cursed Monkey’s Paw. Soon the two find themselves doing backflips trying to undo the cataclysmic series of events they’ve set off: Ghost brides, demon boxes, dead-y bears, oh my!”

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W. W. Jacobs classic short story The Monkey’s Paw has been the basis of countless shorts and several feature films, most notably it was the inspiration for Pet Sematary and the Wishmaster franchise. But I haven’t seen anything quite like this eight-minute short from director Aaron Pagniano, Sunset on the River Styx) and co-writer Zack Ogle.

Roommates Zack and Jakki get into an impawsibly hairy situation while monkeying around with the occult.

Logline for We Got A Monkey’s Paw

Jakki (Jacqueline Jendrell, Sunset on the River Styx) and Zack (Zack Ogle) are roommates and total opposites. Jakki just wants a quiet evening, while Zack has other ideas, all of which involve the occult. When she can’t see the appeal of playing with a Ouija Board stolen from a witch or a mirror with the image of a weeping bride (Christy St. John, The Amityville Terror, Chompy and the Girls) he absentmindedly wishes she was more into this. Unfortunately, while holding a monkey’s paw.

That sets off a chain reaction that involves time travel paradoxes, zombie mothers and backflips. All within eight very fast-paced minutes. The humour in We Got a Monkey’s Paw is just absurd and cheesy enough to make me laugh. It’s such an absurd chain reaction of problems and attempts to fix them making matters worse, I couldn’t help myself.

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After spending the past two years on the festival circuit We Got a Monkey’s Paw will make its debut on Alter September 18th. You can get more details on the film’s Facebook page.

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