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The Nain Rouge Murders (2020) Review

The Nain Rouge Murders, not to be confused with Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge, is a new nine-minute short from producers Jeremiah Kipp (Slapface, The Sadist) and Ari Rossen (Lost + Found) and writer Joe Fiorillo. There’s no director credit due to the fact the actors shot their scenes themselves during the quarantine. Editor Katie Dillon (Black Wake) then cut their footage together with existing footage of Detroit and the Nain Day Parade.

The result is a mockumentary about a series of murders at the parade. Killings that may have been committed by the Nain Rouge, Red Dwarf in English, itself. And for something that runs less than ten minutes, it covers a lot of ground.

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There are interviews with the police, city council members and eyewitnesses. There’s also a voicemail left by one of the victims just before their death. And, of course, a fair amount of background on the Nain Rouge and its place in Detroit’s history. It’s well enough put together I had to check to see if it was based on actual events.

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My one complaint with The Nain Rouge Murders is that the film is only nine minutes long. It feels like a teaser for an hour-long true-crime show or a feature film. It certainly would have been better than most of the quarantine quickies that are flooding Amazon Prime right now.

Hopefully, The Nain Rouge Murders will be expanded in the future. Until then, you can check out the short for free.

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