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Sasquatch Among Wildmen (2020) Review

I’ve previously reviewed two episodes of Darcy Weir’s series Beyond the Spectrum, Maussan’s UFO Files and Humanoids, which was about encounters with aliens. Sasquatch Among Wildmen, his new feature-length documentary, looks at a different kind of humanoid entirely. What can he bring to the table that other documentaries such as The Back 80 and Seth Breedlove’s web series On the Trail of Bigfoot haven’t already covered?

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The most important difference between Sasquatch Among Wildmen and other films on the subject is its scope. Most focus on one particular sighting or a localized group of sightings. Breedlove did that with his early films, and then took an overview of sightings across North America with On the Trail of Bigfoot. Weir, however, compiles and compares stories and sightings from around the globe. Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum shares his research into such creatures as The Russian Alma or Almasty, the Chinese Yeren, the Dev from Iraq and, of course, the Yeti. There are eyewitness accounts as well as some rather blurry video of the creatures.

There is a fairly large amount of video of what are claimed to be these creatures. It’s interesting to note that the footage most likely to be dismissed by researchers as hoaxes is the clearest. And a lot of that footage does seem a little too high quality to be something caught by chance in the middle of a forest. It also points up the difficulty of getting good photographic evidence of the creatures.

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Beyond the international reports and the interview with Ellis, Sasquatch Among Wildmen doesn’t break a lot of new ground. It is however interestingly told and managed to keep my attention. If you’re interested in Bigfoot and his kin, it’s worth a watch.

Uncork’d Entertainment will release Sasquatch Among Wildmen on Digital/DVD on November 10th. You can check Darcy Weir’s Facebook page for more information.

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