Commando Ninja II: Invasion America

Commando Ninja II Invasion America Art

You may remember we reviewed Commando Ninja, the free to watch retro action film a while back. Well since then Ben Combes and James Secker have been working on a follow-up, and now they’ve released a sample of what to expect to kick off the crowdsourcing campaign for Commando Ninja II: Invasion America.

First and foremost there’s an 18 minute short, Hopkins which acts as a prequel. It’s dark gritty, and ends on a great Exterminator inspired note. Check it out.

The feature sounds like it picks up immediately after the short:


1988, Communists have been planning to invade America for the past 10 years, hiding entire divisions underneath major cities, moving through the sewer network, and infiltrating into the population! Nobody can believe it!

Today is the 4th of July, the day they have chosen to launch their operation.

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Hopkins is gonna have to rally the team, John, Kowalsky and Jenny to fight back, and destroy the evil at its source, the house of the rising sun, VIETNAM! When America is under Attack, When Governments can’t help, if you find them, maybe you can hire them.

A sequel is on the way and currently has a Kickstarter campaign that could use your support. So check it out. And if you haven’t seen the original yet, let me help you remedy that. You can find more information on Ben Combes’ Facebook page as well.

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