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Day of The Pigs (2020) Review

Michael S. Rodriguez (Night of the Sea Monkey, Dealings) is back with a new short Day of the Pigs. It’s a 12-minute tribute to grindhouse crime and horror films. And, for once, it does a good job of hitting the mark.

El Apache (Tino Zamora, The Beast Beneath, 5G Zombies), Manny (Manuel Ramirez) and Guero (Art Paul) are three luchador masked bank robbers who’ve just made a big score and gotten away. Well, except for Guerro who we find out took one in the chest. The two survivors head for a nearby ranch, planning to steal a car and head to Mexico. What they don’t realize is that its two occupants, Starletta (Sparkle Soojian) and Violet (Nikki Curtis Jones) are witches. And they’ve been expecting them.

Rodriguez does a great job of using sound effects to imply a robbery and shoot-out. Of course, I’d rather see it, but Day of the Pigs makes nice use of a technique from back in the day rather than just start with them on the run.

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Once they get to the farm, watching Soojian and Jones playing caricatures of the “farmer’s daughter” type roles you would expect in a film like this. They vamp it up outrageously for their oblivious guests while they put the “dumb” in “big and dumb” It all ends on a tasty note you can really sink your teeth into.

There isn’t much in the way of effects besides a nasty chest wound and the pig effects. They are, however, nicely done. The pig mask reminded me a bit of the effects from the Hog Hunting segment of An Hour to Kill.

Day of the Pigs has aired as an episode of Avail TV’s show Strange Tales. You can check the director’s Facebook page for any other release plans.

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