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Trap (2021) Review

Trap is the latest short from writer/director Alexander Henderson (Santa, Sacren) and it’s a genuinely creepy piece that ends on a shocking and rather disturbing note despite what seems like a clichéd situation.

A young woman (D’Kia Anderson, The House Guest) alone in her apartment hears noises coming from the other room. She’s about to go have a look when her phone rings, her date is here to pick her up. However, when she returns, there’s a trail of bare footprints leading into her closet…

Trap 1

Trap runs five minutes, including a horror host style intro and outro by Henderson. And, like most genre short shorts, it’s all set up for a sting at the end. The buildup however is played for maximum suspense, and the payoff is very definitely not what I was expecting.

You can check out Trap below, as well as the director’s YouTube channel along with his other shorts.

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